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The company employees have extensive experience in the industry of bearings. Many of them have a service record in the leading bearing companies of Russia and Europe. Their invaluable experience in manufacturing of bearings and rich engineering knowledge has allowed to make considerable contribution into the company development, which determines its success on the market.




The R&D department is a linking chain between suppliers, production and consumers.
The staff of this department provide:

-    selection of suppliers of bearing components for production;
-    technical inspection of the quality of supplies;
-    audits, point assessment and development of suppliers;
-    development and coordination of different technical documentation both with suppliers and consumers;
-    technical support of orders;
-    complaint management.

The main goal of R&D is to increase satisfaction of the end user and competitiveness of the company.



The availability of the company’s own Bureau for Design and Technology allows to timely react to the market demands and to manufacture competitive products, continuously improving them and their quality. The main tasks of the Bureau for Design and Technology are:

•    development of design documentation that meets requirements of the consumer;
•    improvement of design of the bearings, increase of their technical level and competitiveness, with account of the available world experience and demands of the market of bearings;
•    introduction of the developed designs in production;
•    provision of production units with the design documentation;
•    conduction of required tests to determine the achieved technical level of the released bearings.

With the participation of the Bureau for Design and Technology, modern methods of failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) have been introduced at the enterprise, due to which it is possible to obtain a more improved design, high reliability of the product, increased safety and reduction of general expenses for the release of the good quality products.