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The quality management system created in the company extends to the development, production and supply of bearing products to consumers.

We work for the consumer and in cooperation with the consumer.

We focus on meeting the requirements and expectations of consumers due to the quality of our products, ensuring their satisfaction, and this is possible only with:

• ensuring mutual understanding in establishing requirements for products and ensuring product compliance with agreed requirements;
• continuous monitoring of customer satisfaction and constant feedback to it.

The implementation of the Quality Policy is carried out through:

• study of market trends, preservation of existing and development of new markets for products and new types of products;
• systematic monitoring of current and future demands and expectations of consumers, and other stakeholders of society, personnel, owners, potential investors and analysis of the company's ability to meet these needs;
• an effectively functioning and constantly improving quality management system aimed at preventing inconsistencies, timely identification and elimination of the causes of their occurrence that impede the production of quality products;
• building and strengthening long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships and the development of those of our suppliers for whom quality issues are a priority.

Our company has a customer support service, with whom you can contact if you have technical questions about the use, handling of bearings or questions in the field of quality. Claims sent to the e-mail claim@bbcr.eu come directly to the plant quality service.

Dear customers, beware of fakes! Purchase BBC-R bearings only from authorized representatives and distributors.

Please remember that even a high-quality bearing can fail if it will be used improperly. Therefore, we recommend you to read the instructions:“The procedure of bearing products handling at the customer’s warehouses and lines”

The procedure of bearing products handling at the customer's warehouses and lines

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