3D tour of our production site

3D tour of our production site




SIA "BBC-R" ir noslēdzis 2016.gada 28.septembrī līgumu Nr. SKV-L-2016/796 ar Latvijas Investīciju un attīstības aģentūru par atbalsta saņemšanu pasākuma “Starptautiskās konkurētspējas veicināšana” ietvaros, ko līdzfinansē Eiropas Reģionālās attīstības fonds.


Dear colleagues!

Group of companies Baltic Bearing Company is glad to welcome our actual and future partners. BBC group specializes in production of ball, tapered, cylindrical and spherical bearings. Having large production facilities and modern high-precision equipment, the company is able to produce a wide bearings range

The strategic goal of the company is to establish itself as one of the leaders on the European and CIS markets.

This goal is realized by means of a good balance of consistent high quality of products and competitive prices.

BBС group masters new kinds of products, improves its scientific and technical potential and introduces state-of-the-art technologies.

We are sure that our efforts will result in further development of mutually beneficial cooperation!


 About the company


Baltic Bearing Company (corporate brand «BBC» and «BBC-R») was established in 2014 and is the state-of-the-art plant equipped with the modern production and measurement equipment with the quality management system conforming to the requirements of ISO9001, TS16949, ISO14001 series standards.

Products of BBC group are supplied to various industries – automotive, electrical, machine tools, metals, agricultural machinery industry, fuel and energy complex, etc.

The priority direction of our activities is production and sales of ball, tapered, cylindrical, spherical and spherical plain bearings.

Process equipment provides for manufacturing of a wide range of bearings, from single row radial ball bearings to spherical plain bearings.

All precision equipment is in conformity with the requirements of EU standards that guarantees its safe operation and ensures high-quality products manufacturing. All equipment in the production workshop is installed as short automatic process lines classified by the constructive groups of ground work pieces, there are process lines for ball, tapered, cylindrical, spherical and spherical plain bearings production.





Production departmens are equipped with modern machining centers with CNC systems, face and centerless grinding machines, assembly lines of leading manufacturers with EU certificates and widely used in Europe, Asia and the USA.

At the plant, the process flow begins with acceptance of thermally treated work pieces with standardized allowances for further grinding, from the suppliers.

During grinding, at the initial grinding operations, the base surfaces of bearing rings are formed (faces and outer cylindrical surface of outer rings). At the following grinding operations, working surfaces are formed. At all process stages the equipment precision provides rings manufacturing for bearings assembly from normal to 6th tolerance class.

All operations involve the statistical quality control techniques.

Grinding and assembly production has a high level of processes automation, which allow to reduce the use of human labor on load and unload operations of workpieces, as well as their transmission from one technological operation to another.

All grinding machines are equipped with modern ball screw components and bearings with ceramic rolling elements, the movement of assemblies is carried out by means of servodrive that provides smoothness of their progress, and also the accuracy and stability of positioning actuating mechanism and increases the reliability of the equipment.

Grinding and superfinishing machines are equipped with individual coolant tank and equipped with multi-stage cleaning. Synthetic emulsion can significantly improve productivity of the equipment and at the same time guarantee the receipt of technological parameters of the rings in accordance with the rigid requirements of customers.

Management of grinding and assembly equipment is carried out with modern programmable controllers and CNC systems, which provides high accuracy, reduces the time of preparation and transition to the production of new types of products due to the organization of centralized recording programs.

Assembly department is organized for using short semiautomatic complexes for cylindrical and taper roller bearings assembly, and a fully automatic line for ball bearings assembly. This equipment is fitted with devices for automatic parts handling, accumulating process stock and isolation of nonconforming product that reduces human impact on the process of bearing assembly. The lines are equipped with automatic washers of individual parts and components as well as finished bearings.

Automatic machines of grease injection and conservation allow to avoid human contact with process liquid and make a clear dosing of all components.

During assembly, all bearings are exposed to hundred percent operational control, many parameters are controlled automatically. Processes of marking and bearing conservation are also automatic. In the implementation of production processes in full compliance with environmental legislation and ISO 14001 standards, the company is trying to reduce the impact on the environment and the use of hazardous chemicals.

Wastewater treatment system is constructed and installed on the factory (purification 99%). All equipment is fitted with individual settings of overflow and cleaning of emulsion vapors from the cutting zone equipment. Energy-efficient lighting system of industrial building, based on the use of LED luminaries that can save significant amounts of electricity.

The using boiler equipment runs on on pellets (specially treated wood waste) and provides environmentally friendly waste gases.


Production Production Production Production Production Production Production Production



A three-stage control system is arranged at the plant: incoming inspection of supplied materials and work pieces, periodical inspection of bearing parts grinding process and of finished bearings acceptance inspection.

All production lines are equipped with up-to-date automatic quality control complexes at each operation, ensuring consistent high quality of manufactured parts and components.

To provide for incoming inspection of received materials and work pieces, inspection of all required bearing parts and finished bearings parameters during grinding and assembly, the plant has purchased over 40 types of manual inspection tools, which ensure high accuracy. To attest the reference samples used for adjustment of manual inspection tools, a length gage is purchased and put into operation.

InspectionInspection InspectionInspection

Plant laboratory

"Laboratory of the «BBC» is unique by the degree of technical equipment."

State-of-the-art dust-free materials and technologies were used to construct the laboratory premises. Entrance to the laboratory is equipped with an air lock chamber. Temperature and cleanness of air in the laboratory are ensured by an autonomous ventilation system. All this provides for a microclimate that conforms to all standards ensuring consistency and high quality of measurements.


The laboratory is equipped with up-to-date high-precision equipment from leading producers, enabling the company to perform a wide range of bearings and bearing parts investigations, such as:

  • measuring of micro- and macro geometric parameters (roughness, out-of-roundness, cylindri-cality, planarity, straightness, ripple, etc.);
  • linear and angular measurements;
  • metallographic testing (steel make, structure, hardness, presence of grinding burns);
  • load at failure samples testing;
  • visual examination of surface defects;
  • contamination and magnetization analysis;
  • attestation and periodic verification of reference instruments.

To perform high-quality investigation, the laboratory is equipped with all necessary equipment for samples preparation: cutting machine, thermal press, grinding and polishing machine, chemical pickling cells.

Roundness gages ,which are unique in their accuracy and technical equipment, which have no analogues among other means of measurement of its class with self-centering and self-measuring table and automated running carriage, allows to make up to 3 types of measurements in one (roughness, roundness, contour / profile). High precision modeling of measurement allows to note all indications from the primary surface profile during one dimension.

The devices have low level of disturbance and high geometric accuracy, ensuring reproducibility of details. Frictionless air bearing spindle provides a high measurement accuracy.

Reliable iron base for the spindle to the high precision air bearing compensates the influence of the movement and weight of the device on the measurement results. Precision machined iron base of the column in combination with a fully automatic mechanism for changing the measuring axis sensor ensures minimal error and high positioning accuracy.Various passive and active anti-vibration attachments reduce the influence of vibration to minimum.

Inductive measuring transducer provides a resolution to 0.0005 mm, that allows to determine, for example, the deviation from roundness to 0.001.

Measured parameters: roundness, squareness, concentricity, alignment, slope of profile, cylindricity, total runout, flatness, eccentricity, parallelism, vertical straightness, partial flatness of arc, displaying cylinders and others.

All measurements are recorded in the statistic database.

Profile meters purchased for the laboratory of «BBC», are among the finest means of measurement of its kind. They represent stylus contact instrument for measuring form deviations, waviness, roughness, radius of corner, aspheric parameters, flatness of stairs, grooves sizes and other parameters with high accuracy in the shortest time.

Devices equipped with a motorized column and motor drive, which has programmable and manual control mode.

Inductive and laser devices developed on the basis of phasic scale interferometer allows to measure a wide range of surfaces. Devices has a lower noise floor and resolution of 16 nm on a range of 1 mm, allowing, for example, to measure the roughness of the bearing raceways up to the 4th decimal place.

The column and its base made of artificial granite provide thermal stability and vibration protection.

Contour analysis software provides analysis of the geometric elements size, such as radius, angles, height and length.

Instruments for measuring roughness allow to perform measurements on the horizontal, vertical and inclined surfaces, or used with devices as stationary system in the laboratory for a series of measurements. The sensor holder moves in a vertical slide and can also be rotated to a different position for measurement, including a quarter turn. Additional sensors allow to perform measurement in small holes and in a narrow groove, etc. The plant pays a great attention to workpiece quality.

Hardness measuring instruments of the «BBC» Laboratory is a new generation of devices, allowing to test hardness by methods of Rockwell, Brinell and Superficial Rockwell. These devices are installed in the plant laboratory, and on the control points of incoming inspection.

The principle of load application on these means of measurements is load cell feedback.

Automatic load matching system reduces the time of measurement and data analysis, and greatly simplifies the work on the device.


This hardness measuring instrument meets all the requirements of GOST, ISO, ASTM, JIS, and provides unmatched repeatability and reproducibility of the measurement results in its class.IMPRESSIONS software allows the graph plotting, the creation of programs generation of reports, keeping statistics.

Software of the instruments includes rejection features (visual and audible alarm), storage of results, corrections for concave and convex surfaces.

Spectrometers are one of the most advanced devices for the control of critical bearings characteristics, as «chemical composition», affecting not only on its physical and mechanical properties, but also on the safety of operation. This type of equipment purchased for the «BBC» laboratory and provides workpiece incoming inspection.

Optimized flows of argon are extremely effective and prevent pollution of the spark stand.

All chemical elements normalized in steel in-dustry can be determined including traces of carbon, phosphorus, sulfur and nitrogen. Calibration modules are designed for the most important matrix elements, such as Fe, Al, Cu, Ni, Co, Ti, Mg, Zn, Sn and Pb. Calibration include the full range of elements and can be adapted to individual tasks.

Intelligent database of the device provides automatic detection of steel grade with an accuracy exceeding the requirements of international standards in several times.

3D device allows to perform high-precision measurements of parts dimensions with complicated shapes (deliverables, etc.).

Plant laboratoryPlant laboratoryPlant laboratoryPlant laboratoryPlant laboratoryPlant laboratory



Employees of the company have many years of work experience in the bearing industry. Many of them came out from Russian and European bearing leading companies. Their invaluable experience in the production of bearings and rich technical knowledge made a significant contribution to the development of the company that determines its success in the market.


Management of technical regulation and standardization of «BBC» is the link between suppliers, consumers and industry. The staff of this department provides:

  • Technical quality control of supply;
  • Audits, point scoring and supplier development;
  • Development and coordination of various types of technical documentation with suppliers and with customers;
  • Operation of the quality management system;
  • Control over the development and implementation of corrective actions;
  • Marketing activities;
  • Creation of a transparent base and structured work on all of the above paragraphs.

The main goal is to increase the satisfaction of end consumer and the competitiveness of the company.


Availability of its own design and technology bureau enables the enterprise to timely respond to the market needs, and manufacture competitive products, constantly improving and upgrading them.

The main tasks of the design and technology bureau are as follows:

  • elaboration of design documentation complying with the customer’s requirements;
  • improvement of bearings design, technical upgrading and improvement of competitiveness, with regard to gained global experience and needs of the bearings market;
  • manufacturing application of developed designs;
  • provision of production subdivisions with engineering documentation;
  • performance of required tests in order to determine the obtained technical level of produced bearings;
  • provision for the department’s activities carrying out within the quality management system effective at the enterprise.

With participation of the design and technology bureau, the plant has managed to introduce contemporary methods of failure modes and effects analysis FMEA that enables obtaining of a more perfect design, higher reliability, improved safety of a product, a higher degree of customer satisfaction, and decreased total expenses for high-quality products release.

Staff of Baltic Bearing CompanyStaff of Baltic Bearing CompanyStaff of Baltic Bearing CompanyStaff of Baltic Bearing CompanyStaff of Baltic Bearing CompanyStaff of Baltic Bearing Company


Main office

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Representative offices

Any company is eager to grow and enter the external markets, expand the geography of its presence in a global economic space.

The purpose of establishing representative offices of BBC group in Russia, Germany, Kazakhstan and Ukraine is representation and protection of the company’s interests at the territory of another country. And, the main advantages of a representative office establishment are as follows:

  • widening of the parent company’s range of customers;
  • direct approach to foreign markets;
  • preparation and organization of negotiations, meetings, fairs, symposiums, exhibitions, workshops, talks, and, finally, conclusion of contracts;
  • processing of offers from potential investors and transfer of data to the company;
  • elaboration of promotion events; investigation of market environment, generalization of information and offers;
  • representation and protection of the company’s interests;
  • investigation of the parent company’s main activity market, and assistance in search for partners for joint projects, including search for potential investors.
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